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The worlds first AntiCheat fail safe system.

MSXSecurity is proud to announce a revolutionary new method to stopping detections and bans forever. The Anitcheat Fail safe system. In the past, all cheating had a weakness, which was when a anti cheat updated, your hack may have become detected. With our latest release of MiST 8.2 , We have made that a thing of the past. Now, every time that a anti cheat updates to a newer version (which may or may not detect a cheat) Your client automatically selects a NEW cheat to use, which the anti cheat has never seen. By doing this, Detections become impossible as they cant detect what they dont have. Checks are done very frequently, so chances of being caught are slim to none. This system is currently working on all games we support.

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Introducing BF2 Teamhack + The First 2142 Hack

What is Teamhack for BF2 you ask? Teamhack fools the server into thinking you are on the enemy team as you play. This means that you can enter enemy veichles with the enemy inside, Revive enemy teammates and kill them again (force statpad, heh) You can use commander hack with team hack, and use the enemys assets on themselves. Also, both teams will always see you as a friendly with teamhack on. You can spawn on enemy spawnpoints. Enemy AA's wont be able to lock onto you anymore. Videos to come shortly. We are proud to release the first BF2142 Hack on the market. It has Aimbot, Chamz, Full ESP, No Fog, No Sky, Crosshairs, Minimap, Asset and enemy asset ESP and much more. This is now available to all VIPs, and is fully functional with the beta. Please find some screenshots below.

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