All About The Consummate Consumer®
Her highly informative books,
Lessons Learned From Cancer and
"Listen to Me, Doctor," have brought Ms. Schwartz
tremendous media attention,
including articles in USA Today,
The Washington Post and Good Housekeeping.

Appearances on television include
CBS Evening News and Today in L.A.-Weekend.
Ms. Schwartz can be seen regularly
as The Consummate Consumer®
on AM Northwest (on the ABC affiliate
in Oregon and SW Washington).

Ms. Schwartz was five months pregnant
with her first child, when she was diagnosed
with cancer. She has now been cancer free
for fifteen years. Her daughter
is a healthy high school junior.

Ms. Schwartz is a strong advocate
for consumer rights. She believes
EVERYTHING can be approached as a consumer.

Ms. Schwartz will empower you
to use your consumer skills
in ALL areas of your life,
including healthcare providers, teachers and schools,
and even the workplace, as well as the Internet
and the retail marketplace.

Through her company, The Consummate Consumer®,
Ms. Schwartz provides seminars,
and consulting services.

Ms. Schwartz believes it is important
for the public to be aware of ALL the choices
available to them. She will show you
how to stand up
for yourself and your family,
and get what you need from ANY circumstance.

Ms. Schwartz lives in Marietta, Georgia
with her husband and daughter.

Marti Ann Schwartz

104 Lakeshore Circle
Marietta, GA 30067
Tel: (770) 955-0330
Fax: (770) 955-0330